Move freely, circulate energy, relieve stress, become grounded, stay focused, be FIT FOR LIFE


POWER CHI Fusion provides an experience that is HOLISTIC, CHALLENGING and INNOVATIVE. We bring you to radiant wellness with ancient knowledge of the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine to include mindful techniques for stress relief all while focusing on developing, toning, storing and vitalizing the body’s essential Qi energy.


Effectively handle any situation or stressors that surface in life. With simple techniques you can become more consciousness of emotional reactions and learn how to have more balanced reactions to create better outcomes for your benefit and that of others.


We can  guide through an integrated program of Functional Movement and Qigong that ensures your balanced fitness of Body, Mind and Spirit


Qigong (Chee-gong), are gentle movements that are designed to move Qi – life force energy - throughout the body to build and balance the life force energy within you. Experience optimal health physically, emotionally and spiritually as you are guided through these healing exercises.





With POWER CHI FUSION learn how the 5 ELEMENTS of Traditional Chinese Medicine can effectively shift your routine from mundane to transformative in mind, body and spirit. The ultimate goal is to perform activities of daily life with ease, live longer and enjoy all life has to offer. To be “Fit For Life” is about having the toolbox to be mentally and physically ready for any given moment of your life.




"I have to say the improvements I’ve experienced in both my physical health and mindfulness have far surpassed my expectations. The improvements I’ve seen in my physical strength over the past few months have been fantastic and have carried over to my passion for Mountain Biking. I now find myself striving toward flowing with and harnessing that energy whether working out or meditating. As Phil says “essentially allowing the energy to do you”. As I’ve gained a better understanding of these techniques it has ultimately allowed my body to experience this positive energy in all aspects of my life."

Neil Goldberg
Music Composer/Music Software Developer

"My life has been dramatically enhanced since I began working with Power Chi Fusion. Doing Qigong with Phil and his students is the physio-spiritual recharge that I need every week. Emptying my mind while at the same time moving my body in a manner that promotes the flow of energy throughout the meridian systems, has changed the way I think about meditation and exercise. Within a relatively short time of attending his training sessions, I noticed that my body began to change. My legs became more defined. My core became stronger when moving in all directions, not just front and back. My shoulders, both of which were severely restricted from arthritis and surgery, began to loosen up, giving me an increased range of motion. Phil always finds a way to work the weakest part of the body, addressing imbalances and promoting overall health. In sum, I don’t know what I would do without Phil and the team at Power Chi Fusion. "

Joseph R. DeMatteo

"Phil’s approach has changed my life. As a middle-aged male, I was in decent, but declining shape. I had noticed I had more trouble keeping my weight under control and I had certainly lost strength, endurance, and flexibility. In addition, I’ve had experienced intermittent back pain for at least ten years. Phil has paid attention to my fitness goals and helped me to fix and strengthen my back. But, perhaps most of all, Phil is an educator. I’ve learned so much about my body and its connection to emotional and physical resiliency. I highly recommend Power Chi Fusion to anyone who wants to take a positive emotional, physical and mental journey. "

Jason Jobe
Jason Jobe, NY

"I’m a 62 year old woman who comes from a body building background with lots of heavy weights and lots of hours in the gym. I have been in the field of health and fitness for over 40 plus years. The past 6 years I have been working out with Phil, the transformation in my body, balance and flexibility was really surprising. As much as I had respected Phil and his degree of knowledge I was still stuck in the old mind set. That changed in one month. I knew I was on a much better path, less pain in my joints and long lean muscles. As we get older, balance and coordination are so important. The incorporation of so many modalities especially the five elements he has implemented has made my workouts unbelievable. I leave feeling energetic and at peace. I look forward to every workout which is never the same…you can’t get bored. There is nothing better!!!! "

Denise Lepore
Real Estate, NY

"I came to Phil at a time when I was not exercising or even doing any physical activity. I had become sedentary and I knew that if I didn’t do something that I would lose strength, flexibility and mobility as I got older. I wanted to maintain and increase my strength and learn to move better to protect myself from falling and other age related issues. With Phil’s help, I am much stronger and I move better. My arms and legs are more defined. I feel better and I have more energy. I know myself and I would never work out if not for Phil. He keeps me focused and the workouts interesting. Phil has introduced me to Qigong which is not something I could have even imagined doing. However, with Phil’s guidance I find that as a result of the life energy work, I am calmer and have more energy and focus. Phil is knowledgeable, experienced and innovated. He is funny and personable. He continues to improve himself in order to help his clients. "

Nancy Kaboolian

"When I first met Phil, I had given up on exercise because of chronic sciatic and shoulder pain. Through his system, we were able to rebuild my strength and release the pain and anxiety that accompanied it. It wasn’t an overnight fix, but a careful, methodical process with clear gains along the way. I get a better workout in a shorter time, and he always has new exercises so there’s no boredom. I feel stronger than I did in my 30s. My balance and coordination are significantly improved. I enjoy the challenge mental and physical challenge of working out using Phil’s methods, and it often feels more like play. "

Maura May, NY

"Before I started training with Phil, I was overweight, out of shape, fatigued, uncoordinated, and lacked flexibility. Phil’s functional training focuses on training movement patterns rather than isolating individual muscles. The results go way beyond weight loss. This form of exercise has improved my natural movement patterns and has enhanced my general mobility. More of my muscles are activated while doing these workouts, and my balance and coordination are now exceptional (friends/family have been legitimately impressed with my “cat-like reflexes”)! The flexibility I have attained from functional/energy training has enabled me to have a better range of motion, which saves a considerable amount of energy. Because of this, my techniques, performance in the gym, and posture have all improved dramatically. My day-to-day activities have become much easier. This has been a wonderful experience training with Phil. I have changed my lifestyle, learned a considerable amount, and am able to do everyday activities with more ease. This is, by no means, just another workout ‘fad.’ These functional exercises have improved my strength, respiratory, flexibility, and so much more. I would HIGHLY recommend it to absolutely anyone! "

Erica Farber

"Before seeing Phil Coyle I used to feel tired most of the time. Less than a month after doing energy work with Phil I felt a rush of energy and wellbeing I had not experienced in many years. I have attended his early morning classes for about 3 years and when I leave his class I feel an energy I didn’t know I had. Phil is the ideal instructor. He is totally dedicated not only to excelling in his work, which he loves, but he is genuinely invested in sharing his vast knowledge with his clients. "

Michel Bensedon

" Philip Coyle has made a dramatic difference in the quality of my life. My company transferred me to Tarrytown NY in January of 2013, this meant leaving my farm in PA and moving into an apartment. I ride and train Dressage horses and this was going to be a challenge for me to maintain the training for my young horse and staying fit enough to ride her on weekends. I am in my seventies and have trouble with arthritis; my Dressage instructor in Maryland suggested that I take Pilates to maintain my core strength and balance. Returning to the apartment, I found a pamphlet in my door advertising Pilates I jumped at the chance to try it in order to stay in shape. When I started working with Phil I had no idea that the experience would change my life. I have not only been able to ride the horses on weekends, but have increased my scores and have started winning classes by huge margins. Phil introduced me to Qigong, I had no idea at the time what that was, but I now use it all the time to help focus and maintain calm and balance in my life. The combination of Phil’s expertise in both Pilates and Qigong is truly amazing. It is not just going through routine exercises, but becomes a way of life as Phil explains the reasons for each movement as well as the Chinese history behind it. I have made Pilates and Qigong a part of my life and I will continue to practice what I have learned the rest of my life, Phil is a truly amazing man and teacher. I am so fortunate to have met him. He has truly improved the quality of my life for the better. It has been an honor to work with the very best. Frances Keller "

Frances Keller

Phil Coyle

Instructor/Martial Artist

Phil has traveled extensively to study with many masters of Martial Arts and Qigong. He has practiced Internal Martial Arts for over 30 years while also learning the Eastern understanding of health and fitness.

He is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine in functional fitness training and group training. Phil is an advanced practitioner of Power Pilates.

He has and continues to study Qigong, Medical Qigong and Energy Medicine and combines it with extensive knowledge of fitness regimens.

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Qigong For Longevity and Optimal Health

Join a deep dive class into Qigong practice of movement and meditation so that you can promote longevity and good health, shift patterns and live more radiantly.

Attend the class in the comfort of your home or anywhere you want to experience this practice and know that you will feel comfortable at any level to do the movements and meditations the way they are meant to be done in this ongoing morning practice.

Your energies will be in harmony and your life will improve physically, mentally and spiritually.




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